Happy April!

Ta dah~ April is here and guess what, I have a 5 month break from learning. woohoo~

Selepas susah-payah menghadapi cabaran dalam sem 1&2(packed class,economy crisis for food, deadline for assignments, public speaking, debates,  presentations) finally cuti~ nak kata stop x boleh cause I'm going to face it again in September (InsyaAllah)
AND!! I'm nearly done with my foundation (InsyaAllah xda problem tuk hbiskan foundation ni)

Tapi sebelum semua tu start again, cek ni nak tgk suma drama puas-puas and
 jln-jln (kalau ada org ajak laa).

Ok, my drama-to-watch list for this time being are:
- Feast of the gods
- Rooftop prince
 -King 2 hearts
- Shut up flower boy band
- The moon that embraces the sun

Then, nk sambung tgk ceta2 ni gak
- Vampire diaries season3
- The secret circle
- Running man

(c) everything belongs to me, I think ^^